Flyscreen door catch to suit fly screen doors to suit Dowell / Boral, Bradnams, Wunderlich and more –


Dowell / Boral flyscreen door catch, latch



Offered for sale is a (1 x single) plastic flyscreen door catch to suit brands such as Dowell / Boral, Bradnams screen doors

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  • Rolltrak 6281 (LEFT) screen door catch  – single handle. Dimensions: 54mm (long) x 19mm (wide) x 7mm (high)
  • 71030 Wunderlich screen door latch – parrot beak style – 1 x unit
  • MWWUN1V1SC Wunderlich parrot beak screen door (only) 1 x
  • Rolltrak 6282 (RIGHT) screen door catch – single handle. 54mm (long) x 19mm (wide) x 7mm (high)
  • DS110 surface mounted pull handle – single handle. Dimensions: 75mm (long) x 34mm (wide) x 17mm (high)
  • Rolltrak 6060 screen door pull – single handle. Dimensions: 78mm (long) x 25mm (wide) x 17mm (high)

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Weight N/A

16281 LEFT, 16282 RIGHT, 16060, DS110, 71030 Wunderlich, parrot beak MWWUN1V1SC

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