Sliding door rollers to suit Trend – Naco sliding patio door rollers DR352, DR211, 3301324, DR209, DS141/26


Sliding door rollers to suit Trend – Naco sliding patio door rollers DR352/2. DR352/4, DR209/1, DR211, 3301324, DR141/26



Item offered for sale is a pair of sliding door rollers – aluminium patio doors – suitable for old Naco and Trend sliding doors – (Doric) – sold in pairs (2 x complete roller/carriage combinations)

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    • Item 1 – DR352/2 (pair) – stainless steel carriage with standard DR2 rollers –  – height adjustable – rated to max 40kgs (each) – Dimensions 73mm (long) x 32mm (wide) x 15.5mm (high) – 19.5mm flares
    • Item 2 – DR352/4 (pair) – Stainless steel sliding door roller – (with the DR4 stainless steel roller) – height adjustable – rated to 40kgs (each rollers) – Dimensions 73mm (long) x 32mm (wide) x 15.5mm (high) – 19.5mm flares
    • Item 3 – 3301324 (pair) zinc plated carriage – brass tyre roller (dia 31.5mm) – height adjustable – Dimensions 75mm (long) x 15mm (wide) x 32.6mm (high) – unflared
    • Item 4 – DR211 (pair) – precision bearings for a smooth glide, yellow zinc plated – rated to 20kgs (each) – flared ends hold the roller in place – height adjustable – DImensions 75mm (long) x 33mm (high) x 15mm (wide) – 18mm flares
    • Item 5 – DR141/26 (pair) adjustable Door Carriage – carriage aluminium-  flares 17.5mm – rated to 20kgs max load per roller – Dimensions 57mm (long) x 23.2mm (high) x 12.3mm (wide) suits AWS Vantage residential sliding doors
    • Item 6 – DR209/2 (pair) – Plated steel carriage – rated to 20kg max load per roller – adjustable door carriage DR2 roller – Dimensions 73mm (long) x 32mm (high) x 15.5mm (wide – non-flared
    • Item 7 – DR210/R2 (pair) – heavy duty aluminium (marine grade) – adjustable door carriage DR2 rollers – rated to 20kg max load per roller – Dimensions: 73mm (long) x 15.5mm (wide) non-flared – suits old Bradnams doors

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Additional information

Weight .190 kg

3301324 (brass roller), DR211 (zinc/nylon), DR352/2 (DR2 nylon), DR352/4 (DR4 s/steel wheel), DR209/1, DR141/26, DR210/R2